The aliens we took for God!!!

Hey atheists, good news for you. Agnostics- still confused huh?! Let’s believe we might clear a few of our doubts today. We just need to keep an open mind-set. Believe me it would be fun.

 Life on this planet is believed to be 3.6 billion years old. And human form of it is amongst the newest. It’s just 200,000 years old. Imagine the pace of its growth. Well to be frank, I was always upbeat to peep into the future of our evolution. The fact being that, the future always had a vested interest. The interest being- some rhetorical questions, that is least expected to be answered with an IQ of 100 and such shackled beliefs. But as I can see now the past of the human beings is nevertheless captivating. Recently, I came across an article by Chandrima Pathak, which gave some bizarre yet believable series of facts. For a moment, you would surely phase out the happenings. But then if you put things together they would seamlessly start making sense. Try it. I assure you, it won’t be a waste of time.

Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrian culture was also supposed to be an eminent far-sighted person. He himself wrote the Gathas, the hymns in the Avestan language (The language spoken by Zoroastrians, difficult to interpret today because of its incredible akiness to Vedic Sanskrit but their independent development later). They are believed to be the most sacred text of the Faith. If Zoroastrians are to be believed then it has been mentioned in their Gathas, that 2/3 part of the world was covered with water and 1/3 part with land. Unbelievable, that people back in those days didn’t move around much, but nonetheless, they knew more. Maybe it was sleight of hand but they were real precise in their calculations. So who do you think rendered them with this accurate information?

Ever heard of Enoch, the great grand-son of Adam? Yes, the same Adam who was found guilty of creating total ruckus on the Earth. It was his book that was the key to all such information. It is said that Enoch walked with the Gods and didn’t experience the mortal death as the others of Adam’s generation did.

But more importantly, Enoch had made some over-whelming prophesies. He prophesied “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.” Several others of such prophesy were materialized into words and treasured in the Book of Enoch. But the book was forever lost to the darkness of the modern artefacts until recently.

 The return of the long lost Book of Enoch to the modern western world is credited to the famous explorer James Bruce, who in 1773 returned from six years in Abyssinia with three Ethiopic copies of the lost book. It is said that the Book was written in the latter half of the 2nd century BC.
In his first book, Enoch had claimed of a catastrophic occurrence. He described the arrival of godly creatures on Earth from another planet and then their annihilation due to the grim chaos that they came across whilst their stay on the planet. It comprised of the coming of the Gods on Earth on Mount Sinai for the final judgement; the judgement for the good to sustain and the evil to perish. The next book comprises of the idea of the final judgement or the eschatology of the fallen angels and the evil kings. The third book of Enoch comprises of the celestial cycles and his own tour to the outer space. The rest of the books comprised of the anecdotes of the great Methuselah and Noah. Enoch seemed to have told Methuselah the stories of the greatest destruction or the ‘Pralay‘ and its aftermath. It is then believed that Enoch left the world and its encumbrance forever on a chariot of fireball.
The Book of Enoch has conveniently described the factual explanation to the Sun-Moon cycles, the Equinoxes and the verity that a year consists of 364 and not 365 days, then acclaimed by the commoners.
But how come Enoch knew all of this? He answered to the question as, simply because God himself rendered him with this information. He had also mentioned that,” Whatsoever erudition I imbibed in you, let them reach the eardrums of every layman. Do not keep men forbidden from the fruit of wisdom. Let them all know the Godly existence in His own recountal.”

In the book, Enoch has disclosed the fact that God were beings from another planet. And that they had come to the planet Earth with a plan. The plan was to provide her with the gift of ‘human being’, one of the supreme creations that ever walked the lands. There have been enough instances in almost every relics and epics about the Godly advent, and also of the fact that they took us humans to the outer universe to their own planets. Be it Ramayana-Mahabharata, epics of Gilgamesh or the Book of Enoch, it has been stated time and again about their originality from another solar system and eventually, them abandoning the Earth for reasons yet unknown.
It has been accounted for, that God (evolved species from the other planet) could well-estimate that the Earth was a palpable place for growing life. With its temperature, vegetation and inhabitation it was more likely an experimenting zone for them. And as a result, we the humans were created; a consequence of their sheer curiosity.  

                                                                                                                                                             To be continued…



Article by Chandrima Pathak in the Bengali herald,Shokalbela 



WOMAN- An untold picturesque of feminism!!

There is typical thing about being a woman. They love to chatter. The actual term is ‘blabber’. They could be blabbering about the slightest and the most obnoxious things on this planet and feel good about it. They could go on about how they spent the whole day for the whole hour and never think twice about the trouble the listener is going through. Look at me, I am a woman too. Or let’s say on the verge of being one. A dear friend of mine once said, rather he said very recently, that I am a total entertainer package. Talking to me could save the world from depression and that I should think of running a helpline, a dire need of today’s stressful youth.
Well at first I found the idea exciting enough to give it a second thought. At least there is one thing about me that is helpful to others. Made me feel good about myself. But the next moment a dark chill gripped me inside out. I ‘bon-jovi’ed to the future of my well-being. And there I found myself become that wriggled bitch who loves grappling on every tit-bit of every second person’s life and munch on them to form a chain of never ending, proliferating, absconding and at the same time quite a mouth-watering byte that in normal Lady’s Language, we generally call gossip! Oh yes ladies and gentlemen we are talking about GOSSIP. Yes I am shouting the word ‘gossip’. Because it is a lot like drug that doesn’t leave your back.
And ladies, guess who does the prarambhik-siksha to this oh-I-love-to-GOSSIP world? Let’s keep it mellow dear. None other than our own mothers. Ever thought what the hell do they do on the oh-so-Imagedesperate kitty-parties. Well ask me I know-They bicker. Bicker about the another worthless lady who is also a part of the kitty-party but couldn’t make it to this one. Well the very gentle men of the ladies, even you are not spared from the bitchy motion-of-the-house. You in fact are the ice-breakers, honey. Doesn’t matter you are the saint or the sinner, you will be talked about.
They would talk about the same whole day routine. But that’s what all the ladies do their whole day. They would talk about some random festival or get-together they once went to. And then the juicy topic “Let’s do our husbands.” And when they are done drowning them deep into the crap of disgrace and putting them into the total abyss of dark pervertness, they feel like doing their innocent children. Those little beautiful pixies for whom they so-much enjoy their debonair womanhood and oh-so-cherished motherhood, they crush them around like some ‘total shit’ case. They could go on about how unreliable laidback and pathetic they are. How worthless their life is. And how much of a daft they could be. They find solace in putting their children in the light which they have always found horrendous. And then discuss the pros and cons of their very existence. Isn’t that called sadist? Not really because they belong to that genre of public which we call agonistic. They are all confused of the existence of the Almighty, how do you think they will interpret the existence of their children. Oh, let alone their children how do they look at the very existence of themselves?
See, this is the motherhood that we all celebrate. We look at the beauty and the charm of being a mother but the responsibility that it brings; we overlook it without even batting eyelid twice. They say “The childish sway will soon fade out and you would resurface as a great mother.”  But no one even thinks what the child really goes through when she is under making of the ultimate mother.
Confront it peers, you, me and every single lady-soon-going-to-be-woman is going to be the same ‘cringe’y way in five or let’s say seven years from now. And nothing can change it for sure. Because like is the way we Indians celebrate motherhood.

[Every thing said and told has been a satire for the Indian society and nothing has been meant to hurt the feelings of our mothers. 🙂 ]


Another weekend has passed by. And like the usual I didn’t do much to boost. Had a lazy couple of days with my current favourite tele hero Barun Sobti. Guys what a face, what an attitude!! Can’t really get him off my head. He is amazingly the best!! It’s just not me saying, its even my little sister who is all wooed by him. I just watched every episode of the serial just to get enough of him. And still here I am speaking bounty of this stupendously magnificent man. He has made my current crush look like ‘nothing’.

I believe the word ‘crush’ has caught your ears like never before. Yup I have got a crush. Afterall I’m an ‘almost-a-graduate’. How do you believe I won’t don a crush. Infact I have got myself a criteria-list. And unlike the teeny-weeny needs I have just a few ‘thhos‘ one. Easy to contemplate and easier to find.

  1. He should be a smartass- in thoughts and in looks (I generally keep away from handsome men)
  2. A perfect gentleman-chivalrous and all.
  3. Witty-one who would never reply back straight.
  4. Full of passion- Do I need to say more?
  5. Drips with attitude- *drools*

Difficult? I guess not.
For a pretty lass like me, I guess “itna toh banta hai”!!
Now look at this guy in the pic. He is a perfect 5 on my check-list. And he is Barun Sobti (Not my crush ofcourse).The tele hero.
Well, my crush is a perfect 5 too.
Actually the list was made keeping him in mind!! 😛
Shh…its a best-kept secret!!….
And this guy Barun Sobti a.k.a ASR scored a 5 coincidently.
So till the time my real-life crush doesn’t become my relationship status, I have to keep going with the reel-hero!!

Enough from my side…looking forward to yours…

Nothing as exhalting!!…


     Well just for the sake of information let me tell you that I’m a 3rd year B. Tech student, living and studying inChandigarh. And I’m actually home ‘saddi dilli’for a month or so….for the so-called summer holidays.

     What do you mean, enjoying the vacation? I have to come to the office daily. The internship thing is wrecking my brains out. Again my father is quite strict about this!! He is like “I have a reputation in this place. I don’t want anything being said about you.” ?And so there is no way out to miss on work even for a day. Talking about strictness, there is another important member in my family you are yet to meet. My mother. The real hero and the real baddy too. She is someone we all are afraid of.  She is like “I want you to do it, means I want you to do it right now. You don’t do it and you are a dead meat. ” Uff, being around her is like playing tricks on a hungry lion. But, she is still my mother and idk why but I really love her.

     Oh, chuck the old boring thing. Lets talk about the “new is in” thing. Teri Meri Kahaani is releasing today. God knows when am I going to watch it!! Looking forward to it eagerly. So this is just one thing I’m sure of: watching the new movie.  Oh did I not mention about my new heels? They are gorgeous BTW!! Fits my feet perfect and looks good too. Ofcourse that’s all I could tell you about me!! Looking forward to you.


Huff…the WEEKEND!! :|


        Had a hectic weekend this time. Swooshed past like a gust of hot air with merely any romance in it. Yes, I’m a girl and I proudly say that I believe in true and the pure form of LOVE. I wake up to every day with “pocket full of sunshine” and get along the the day with “yeh ishq haaye baithe bithaye jannat dikhaye haan!!” And seriously I can’t help it. Feeling this way is what my life is all about.

        Well, back to the topic. So even sleeping for 12 hours a day couldn’t help me out of the hangover I had for the past weekend. But you shouldn’t say I worked darn hard. Infact the things I did, right now on the top of my head are, rolling on the bed over and over again like a hippo, watching television till my eyes went sore, eating the homemade delicacies and having loads of mischief with my sister and simultaneously burning the hioliday fat I’m gaining. Yeah, that would sum up to my list of constructive work for past two day.

        I guess my little sister did much more than this. Her’s included; going to abacus tuitions and getting on with the next level of a national level singing competition.

        Well about the singing thing. I saw a shoot for the first time. Live and rolling.

        Let me explain the place. A dingy dark hall room with that musty smell of damp. It had some strong lighting at the part where the shoot was happening. The floodlights were blinding enough to scare the contestants away. They were already on the edge, the atmosphere inside; at the shoot let them completely lose it. Many of them tripped on the lyrics and notes. aAd then there was the apprehension of curtain call “camera rolling, START”. I could say from the faces of them, they could go ‘stage-o-phobic’ any minute.

        And then my eyes fell on my little sister, delicate as umm… I really can’t think of any thing that is delicate right away. So let’s just believe that she is delicate. A mere class 3 child, she was scared to death. But then when she sang, the judges and audience went up the wall and applauded for her. Now that my girl.

        I was the happiest spectator there. Not because she was my sister but because I helped her learn the songs. And she totally kept my face. I was happy for her. This was what I was supposed to do. But never mind, she did it for me.

So that’s how my weekend go. Lazy but happy.

Do tell me about yours…

Till then XOXO…

The first one!!…

My first writing ever, on a global level!!!
Wow seems quite interesting 🙂
Though right now I am totally empty on what to write.  But I’m quite sure I would come up with something more ummm…crispy and witful next time…

Here I would take a moment to thank a dear friend of mine who actually rendered me this facinating idea of blogging. Hey wait! What am I doing?? Shouldn’t I be actually calling him up to thank??
Okay fellas, I must leave to call him up, then… I would sure be back before you know it.  Loads of  :* 🙂

Homework for you: Wonder and wait till my next post arrives!! 🙂 

my first baby… :*