Another weekend has passed by. And like the usual I didn’t do much to boost. Had a lazy couple of days with my current favourite tele hero Barun Sobti. Guys what a face, what an attitude!! Can’t really get him off my head. He is amazingly the best!! It’s just not me saying, its even my little sister who is all wooed by him. I just watched every episode of the serial just to get enough of him. And still here I am speaking bounty of this stupendously magnificent man. He has made my current crush look like ‘nothing’.

I believe the word ‘crush’ has caught your ears like never before. Yup I have got a crush. Afterall I’m an ‘almost-a-graduate’. How do you believe I won’t don a crush. Infact I have got myself a criteria-list. And unlike the teeny-weeny needs I have just a few ‘thhos‘ one. Easy to contemplate and easier to find.

  1. He should be a smartass- in thoughts and in looks (I generally keep away from handsome men)
  2. A perfect gentleman-chivalrous and all.
  3. Witty-one who would never reply back straight.
  4. Full of passion- Do I need to say more?
  5. Drips with attitude- *drools*

Difficult? I guess not.
For a pretty lass like me, I guess “itna toh banta hai”!!
Now look at this guy in the pic. He is a perfect 5 on my check-list. And he is Barun Sobti (Not my crush ofcourse).The tele hero.
Well, my crush is a perfect 5 too.
Actually the list was made keeping him in mind!! 😛
Shh…its a best-kept secret!!….
And this guy Barun Sobti a.k.a ASR scored a 5 coincidently.
So till the time my real-life crush doesn’t become my relationship status, I have to keep going with the reel-hero!!

Enough from my side…looking forward to yours…


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