Nothing as exhalting!!…


     Well just for the sake of information let me tell you that I’m a 3rd year B. Tech student, living and studying inChandigarh. And I’m actually home ‘saddi dilli’for a month or so….for the so-called summer holidays.

     What do you mean, enjoying the vacation? I have to come to the office daily. The internship thing is wrecking my brains out. Again my father is quite strict about this!! He is like “I have a reputation in this place. I don’t want anything being said about you.” ?And so there is no way out to miss on work even for a day. Talking about strictness, there is another important member in my family you are yet to meet. My mother. The real hero and the real baddy too. She is someone we all are afraid of.  She is like “I want you to do it, means I want you to do it right now. You don’t do it and you are a dead meat. ” Uff, being around her is like playing tricks on a hungry lion. But, she is still my mother and idk why but I really love her.

     Oh, chuck the old boring thing. Lets talk about the “new is in” thing. Teri Meri Kahaani is releasing today. God knows when am I going to watch it!! Looking forward to it eagerly. So this is just one thing I’m sure of: watching the new movie.  Oh did I not mention about my new heels? They are gorgeous BTW!! Fits my feet perfect and looks good too. Ofcourse that’s all I could tell you about me!! Looking forward to you.



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